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How to eject a disk that’s stuck in your Mac.

By Macologist Jesse H. posted on March 22nd, 2010

Sometimes your Mac might not want to give up the CD or DVD in its disc drive.  Unfortunately, this annoyance can be caused by a variety of things, and if you’ve got a stubborn disc, try the following tricks:

Restart your computer. While it’s restarting, hold the mouse button (or trackpad button) down.  Keep holding it while the computer chimes and boots up.  If it boots all the way without ejecting the disk, try the same thing again, but this time holding the “eject” key (or F12 if you don’t have an “eject” key).

If you have a laptop, try holding it sideways with the disc slot facing downward while you eject the disc, so you’re working with gravity.

If you’re comfortable using the command line, open up the Terminal application and type the following and then hit Return: “drutil eject”

Sometimes the disc is stuck because it was the wrong size for the drive (make sure you don’t use miniature discs!) or because a second disc was accidentally inserted when one was already in there.

Attempting to “pry” a disc out is rarely successful, since drives are designed to hold discs tightly even when the computer is moved around. If the disc is physically wedged or trapped in the drive, it’s best to let a technician disassemble the unit.  This can minimize further damage to the disc and to the drive itself.

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