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Flashback Trojan Virus

By admin posted on April 6th, 2012

the mac store Ah! It’s a virus and it’s attacking Macs!!! Now hold on to your hats, cuz we’re going in. Semantics aside, this malware Trojan “Flashback” has infected over half a million Macs worldwide according Doctor Web, a Russian anti-virus vendor. Our Macologists have hashed it out and have some recommendations. Installing an antivirus software should be your first course of action. We recommend ClamXav because it is passive, and only runs if you want it to. For Business customers, Sophos is an excellent option. Sophos makes a home edition that Mac users can download for free and is great for users looking for slightly more peace of mind than normal software updates provide. Finally we also suggest MacScan, which is made by SecureMac who solved the MacDefender issue. It also removes tracking cookies and doesn’t run all the time which frees up resources to let your Mac run at it’s best. The scheduler feature makes the MacScan worth the $30 onetime fee. If you have any questions or concerns about the Flashback Trojan please come visit us at one of our Mac Store locations. We would be happy to take a look at your Mac at our Helpdesk to find out if it’s infected. We will walk you through the proper course of action for your situation. Mac OS X is not impenetrable, but compared to Windows based operating systems, the risks of Virus infection is minimal.

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