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Our team of highly skilled Apple certified technicians are available to come to your home to assist with everything Mac. From the delivery and set up of your new computer to deciding which backup solution is right for you, our technicians bring their skills and the newest and greatest in Apple products to your door step.

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Services including but not limited to:

Managing your data:

  • Backing up important files with Time Machine & Time Capsule
  • File sharing and data transfers

Managing your Wi-FI network:

  • Improve speed and connectivity
  • Extend your signal throughout the home
  • Wireless printing
  • Securing your computer and Wi-FI network

Home audio & theater systems:

  • Using iTunes with your home audio system
  • Playing music in multiple rooms
  • Home theater networking with Apple TV
  • Control everything with iPod, iPad, or iPhone

iOS Devices:

  • Backing up photos, music and movies
  • Wireless printing
  • iOS upgrades
  • Syncing contacts, calendars, email and more

Computer repairs and upgrades:

  • Upgrading RAM for faster performance
  • Increasing your storage space with larger hard drive
  • Warranty and non-warranty repairs
  • Installing and upgrading software
  • OS upgrades

We also offer individual, hands-on tutorials and training on all Apple products and applications, all in the comfort of your own home.

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