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Newsletter Snip SmallUnlike many other organizations or clubs where you must pay to be admitted, or pay for special status, at The Mac Store it doesn't cost you anything to become an Insider.

As an Insider at The Mac Store, you'll have the chance to be notified of all the inside information the Mac Store has to offer. You'll be in the know about private sales, special offerings, discounted items and inventory clearance events — not to mention other important events and information. The Mac Store will periodically make this information available only to its best customers prior to releasing it to the general public. This "insider information" will arrive to you about once a month.

This could easily translate into substantial savings on the purchase of new or used Macs and computer related items, as well as create awareness of events and information that could have a direct impact upon you, your world, and your Mac.

Benefits Include:

  • Private Sales
  • Discounts on Selected Merchandise
  • Notification for Special Upcoming Events
  • More very, very, cool stuff!
  • ...and it's FREE!

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